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Buonanotte Amore

An Italian atmosphere... in a timeless song       A wonderful adventure, Pop and lyric in a special  blend, rich in colour and atmosphere of Italy with an international sound.  

Listen to 30" for each track on
Buonanotte Amore,
composer Maestro Bruno Longin,
writer Maestro Antonello De Sanctis,
arrangement Maestro Fio Zanotti

30/11/2007 Buonanotte Amore
The CD is  in all the records shop  in Italy and in shopping centers. Ten unpublished songs written and produced by top winning musicians.: Fio Zanotti, Roby Facchinetti, Peter Felisatti, Danilo Ballo, Gatto Panceri.
26/12/2007 Concert at the Palabrescia
Andrea Del Principe e Kylee Kate Sargant sang in Brescia with the  Omnia Orchestra formed by 80 elements and conducted by Maestro Bruno Santori
25/12/2007 On air on Video Italia
the videoclip of Buonanotte amore, the title track of the album, shot in the auditorium of Radioitalia.
27/12/2007 Sold out in almost all the shops... nobody expected this result. In less than one month it was difficult to find shops with Buonanotte Amore. In the Christmas period all the records has been sold. Andrea Says: "I told my friends - my CD is in all the shops of Italy! -  they went to buy it without finding it so I had to give them all my personal copies"
06/2008 Buonanotte Amore will be available in your country.
06/2008 Buonanotte Amore in Germany,in all the record shops and best  shopping villages.
06/2008 In May and June  Andrea Del Principe and Kylee Kate Sargant will be on tour in Germany. It will be a nice occasion to meet fans and present their album live.


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Buonanotte Amore,
… will try to fly, since nobody sees me here … … I will try to set down a flower just near your pillow

An evocative song,

A trip on the wings of thought: Where the water flow slowly  melting with the sky, there  the music came from




11/02/2008 Concert at the Teatro Dal Verme (Milan), The concert was in one of the ancients theatres in the historical center of Milan. The income has been dedicated to the the foundation Aiutare i Bambini (help the children) to help 200 children with heart disease  living in Africa.


The meeting of two extraordinary voices. Two different musical souls give life to  “Buonanotte Amore” the first album of Andrea Del Principe and Kylee Kate Sargant.

 “Solomusicaitaliana”, the most important Italian company dedicated to National Music, believed in the international potential of pop and lyric together and decided to ask  "first class interpreters", Andrea Del Principe (tenor) and Kylee Kate Sargant (soprano) to sing  the ten beautiful songs recorded in the album.

This production is really challenging and has been made with the collaboration of Italian top winner songwriters and musicians like Fio Zanotti, Gatto Panceri, Roby Facchinetti, Stefano D’Orazio, Danilo Ballo and Peter Felisatti.

"It was an honour to work with such great musicians,and to sing  in a new Italian style. I can feel the  charm of  traditional popular music together  with modern harmonies and sound. This songs are really a way to emotion for me." Andrea Del Principe




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